studio friday {uniforms} & other fun stuff

January 10, 2006

one of the things i intend to do in 2006 is experiment, explore & create things – just for the fun of it!! so when i saw ali’s post about studio friday & its theme – uniforms, i was keen to give it a go! keen to try to capture a little bit of me. the idea of getting a peek into other artists studio is such fun don’t you think?! its a bit late, but i hope its OK to play! 🙂

so here’s my uniform & a peek in my *studio* (a very loose term for where i create!) … at home, i usually wear something comfy like these cocoa yoga pants & a t-shirt & you’ll always find me wearing joggers (its a flylady thing – shoes tell your brain its time to work!). ATM they’re nikes – not that i’m fussy about brands, i just buy whatever feels most supportive & comfortable at the time. i used to be a barefoot girl – but by the end of the day my feet & legs would ache & if i had to dash outside for whatever reason, my soft girly feet didn’t like the hot gidgea stones! yikes! so getting dressed to my shoes is one flylady routine that was easy to get used to! 


here are some more sites that have me inspired:

self portrait tuesday: the theme this month is personal history & its the next project on my to do list!

52 projects: here’s their blurb … its a site dedicated to thinking outside the craft. It’s all about projects and project-making. Project ideas, projects to create, projects to check out, and projects to participate in. DIY projects, homemade projects, writing projects, photo projects, projects, projects, projects… And more projects. LOTS of fun stuff!

i’m reading simple abundance (again!) & loved this quote:

there is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. by being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world ~ robert louis stevenson

so true – something to be mindful about.

there are storms around this afternoon – not much rain here – yet! hoping its not too far away!



  1. Oh thanks heaps Charleigh for the links!

  2. … plus you can go for a walk when you have joggers on!!

    Lovin the photos and the blog C! Will do some green care packages for you this weekend? 🙂

  3. HEY!!!!! you gotta yourself one of those blogs lol 🙂 – hi Charleigh!

    🙂 AL.

  4. I’m so glad you have a blog Charleigh. I love your photography and have been a fan for a while. Thanks for the links today. 52 projects seems cool.


  5. Welcome to SF! I am a long time lurker, but newbie poster also.

    I am a flybaby too, for a few years now and still trying to find my wings! Wearing shoes is my #1 problem…just can’t do that part!

    Love your planner on your desk – are you in Donna Downey’s BPS class?

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