studio friday: eye spy

January 14, 2006

found this quote on the very talented liz eaton’s blog:

don’t wait for inspiration. take action! action generates inspiration" ~ frank tiblet

it totally inspired me – so that’s what i did today – took action!

the theme at studio friday this week is eye spy & at first, i wasn’t sure what i’d find. then i walked into the kithchen & spied this next to the toaster:


there’s a little house in the breadcrumbs – how cool is that? can you see it?? amazing what you can see when you look at the world with fresh eyes! BTW, i shared these with my DH & lets just say he didn’t see what i saw – LOL!

#2 lots of clouds today (a nice looking summer sky!) & i happened to spy this chubby flying angel amongst them:


& i”ve got a few LO ideas buzzing round my head – hoping to scrap them tonite!



  1. ok, this is driving me insane – i cannot see the house!!! what is wrong with me? i so badly want to see it – i love this concept! love the cloud photo – its amazing! (is it meant to look like something?!!)

  2. lol, I got the house in the breadcrumbs (the 3 big bits making up the 3 corners of the roof), but no chubby flying angel 🙂

  3. I must be tuned into the same wavelength as you (freaky hey)because I can see the house and the chubby angel. This is so much fun. Thanks for sharing these Charleigh.


  4. Ok I must be in a creative mood because I can see both the house and the cherub too!

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