studio friday: eye spy more!

January 15, 2006

another one! we were making pancakes this morning & one was a bit runny & ran out the top. my DD said that she spied a sheep shape. at first, i didn’t see it, but then she pointed out the shape of the ears & the face … & we all saw she was right! DH added strawberry eyes … can you see it?


this afternoon, my DD was up her climbing tree & scraped her knee. bear came & said madi "had blood on her" so i went to take a look … fortunately she was OK & it was only a tiny bit of blood but i couldn’t help noticing that where the blood had smeared, it looked like a heart!!


i had such fun with this challenge – thanks so much to everyone who’s stopped by & commented! be sure to check out studio friday to see what other artists spied this week!



  1. Yes I can see it! Just needs that little black nose to finish the picture. Clever girl your daughter with a lovely imagination.


    PS Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  2. I CAN SEE IT!!! and it certainly does look like a sheep LOL


  3. Hi Charleigh! What a gorgeous banner you have on your blog! Before I read your post I would have said it was a rabbit with one flippy floppy ear!LOL Thanks for visiting my blog too and I’m glad I know where yours is so I can come and have a read!

  4. What beautiful photographs!Having a heart on your wound has got to be a good sign – especially compared to having a wound on your heart! Kathy

  5. i can see them, i can see them!!! i just LOVE this concept, it is SO COOL and totally made me smile! your photography is amazing!

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