self portrait tuesday: personal history

January 16, 2006

OK so i know its not tuesday! but last week i mentioned self portrait tuesday – the theme this month is personal history & this morning i finally had a chance to play with some images. i had a vision of layering them & showing the full circle from when i was born til when my DD was born – but i decided to include a recent family portrait too. its the first time i’ve done a montage like this & i love how all the images are connected. i was also inspired by keisha‘s work to experiment with some gorgeous swirly brushes (you can find them here). although its not exactly what i imagined, it was such fun & i’m really happy with how it turned out!


images are: mum & i at my christening, my childhood home, me at age 5 (same age as my DD is now), my wedding day, my DD & i and a recent family portrait.



  1. Looks great Charleigh. Madi definitely looks like you at that age- but I can see a ‘semblance between Bear in the latest photo and you when you 5 as well. You were a very pretty bride!

  2. Charleigh this looks awesome!!!


  3. Your montage is gorgeous Charleigh!!! I love the brushes effect – lol I need how to locate the ones I have downloaded before I can learn how to use them *wink*
    Take care, 🙂 AL.

  4. Charleigh, what a great combination of photos! Love this idea!

  5. this is awesome! how clever you are, such a cool idea!

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