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self-portrait tuesday: embracing imperfection

February 28, 2006

I have to admit that I found this month’s SPT theme rather challenging. Like many women, I’m very critical of my own appearance. I have a hard time accepting let alone embracing my many imperfections. The past 5 years have been particularly difficult as I’ve been struggling with an illness that has greatly affected my appearance & self-esteem. mostly i’m an upbeat person, but there are times when the situation gets me down. times when i’ve found it hard to look in the mirror – afraid of what i’ll see. but a couple of days ago, i found a post on michelle’s blog & it made me stop & think:

"Who profits from your self-loathing?

Something about that question stops me dead in my tracks. Something about it causes me to gasp and fall to my knees. I get it. By staying small, by remaining locked in a battle with our own minds, bodies, and spirits the world only gets part of us. And part of us is never enough. Part of me is never enough. No one will profit from my smallness, from my powerlessness, from my self-degradation. The world needs my light and my voice and my power and my story. It needs yours too. Healing our relationship with ourselves is the first step, and maybe the hardest step. Turning away from the ugly parts sure seems a lot easier than cradling them in our arms. And still, that is the gift I most need to give myself."

thank you michelle! your words spoke to me … made me think about the time i’ve wasted feeling down about myself … pulling myself down. reading your words of wisdom made me determined to get out of the pity-pit & accept where i am. learn to embrace my imperfections. learn to be OK with me.

so … in the spirit of embracing imperfection, i’m sharing this self-portrait. the photo was taken last year & i’ve experimented with filters in PSE3 (this is a chalk one – i think!). i can still see the signs of genetics, age & weariness around my eyes … but hey – that’s me & that’s OK!


a favourite quote:

i believe in the power of dreams. i can be anything, go anywhere ~ des’ree


Studio Friday: catch-up

February 24, 2006

Playing catch-up with the Studio Friday challenges. This one was from the end of January – we had to use our two favourite paints & our fingers & just play:


my favourite paints were: betty (heidi) & honeydew (MM)

studio friday: practise makes perfect

i’ve had a love/hate relationship with my handwriting for years ie. love to have nice handwriting but hated my own handwriting LOL! in high school, i experimented with a backhand style. but that style was quickly squashed when i went to teachers college in favour of the new queensland script – teacher style! then in my semi-retirement from teaching, i found myself using the computer more & doing less writing by hand. it didn’t take long for my handwriting to get rusty & untidy ! when i started scrapping, most of my journalling was done on the computer – the neat computer generated look was far preferable to my scrawl! … but i’d still look at LO’s with neat handwritten journalling & wish i could write like that!

… so when heidi swapp – the guru of handwriting – brought out a book on the subject, i was intrigued to find out if love your handwriting could REALLY help me to love my handwriting! one of heidi’s key tips is to relax & always always always write in pencil first. i also love how she encourages you to practise & experiment with developing your own style. after years of being forced into teacher-script style, i’m keen to find my own style! so i’ve found a nice journal & started writing morning pages – 3 pages by hand. its a soothing process where you just let the thoughts flow. writing in pencil helps me to use a light, relaxed pencil hold & i’ve discovered that my handwriting style is developing. its lost the rigid teacher script look & has become more relaxed. its not perfect – yet! but the practise is helping! the photo below shows (L to R): my journal & handwriting today, my wedding journal & handwriting in 1997, heidi’s workbook.


studio friday: what’s your poison? 

My poison – in terms of what I can’t resist – would have to be chocolate! I’ve got a serious weakness for the stuff – sometimes i can keep on nibbling & consume a whole block & feel terrible afterwards! BUT, I need to get healthy – like I REALLY need to get healthy! so when i read about the 21 challenge Rhonna has started (the idea is to focus on changing a habit & to make it fun, document your progress in an art journal). anyhoo, it sounded like the motivation I need – so I’m in! This month, I plan to foster one good habit (daily walking) & eliminate one bad habit (eating chocolate). Wish me luck!

studio friday: something old …

i’ve accumulated quite a collection of machines in my studio – thought they’d be perfect for this week’s challenge! firstly, there’s an old singer sewing machine that michael’s gran gave me (something old), then a flash brother embroidery machine from my kids clothing design days (something new-ish), a sturdy orange husqvuana workhorse on permanent loan from my mum (something borrowed) & my trusty xyron (somthing blue). why do i have three sewing machines (& an overlocker)? my mother & grandmother are both brilliant seamstresses & i did quite a bit of sewing before the kids were born.

why do i have so many sewing machines?? good Q! my husband teases me about it! the fact is my mother & grandmother are both brilliant seamstresses & i did quite a bit of sewing before the kids were born. so even though my sewing is now mainly seen on my layouts, i can’t bear to part with any of them because each machine has a very different look. the brother is very precise & has the embroidery features & the husqvarna is my everyday workhorse. the singer also has a unique look that i’m keen to use … when i finally find the key to unlock the box!



inspired by fashion

February 17, 2006

was the theme at blue bazaar this week. madi is a little fashionista & has lots of cool clothes – so i loved this theme & had lots of fun with it! this layout was inspired by a sweet dark denim skirt with orange & pink felt flowers & decorative stitching trim.


the texture shot …


materials: bazzil (marmalade, white & bubblegum – doodlebug), paint – white (mm) & betty (heidi), silhouette flowers (heidi swapp), madi ribbon (MM), tattoos (KI), rubz (SW), acrylic letter (go west), felt, buttons.

we managed to get away for a little break at the beach – so i’ve been without the internet for a week. i’ll update my blog soon! thanks for stopping by!


photo scavenger hunt: shadows

February 10, 2006

there are extra points if its your own shadow & it is! took this shot after my walk this morning. love how the elongated shadows make my legs look long & slender! love the texture of the gidyea stones! love how the hand gives the image scale & a context. pretty happy with it overall!


check out the other entries at Brookston Weekly Photo Scavenger Hunt


a BIG day in town!

February 8, 2006

today was the day … bear’s 1st day at kindy! madi also had a big day – meeting her new LSODE teacher – Mrs Jones & starting ballet classes. she was so excited about the trip that she helped to pack lunches last nite then was up & dressed in her uniform at 6am this morning! you have to love that sort of enthusiasm!

anyhoo … we had to leave home by 7.30am (always a challenge!) because it takes so long to drive into town. being a 1st day, i had to get some photos of my babies! it was rushed, but i managed a few decent shots before we left:


sweet madi … met Mrs Jones & did on-air in the studio. they started journal writing (did you know yr 1’s do that??) & i was really happy with her effort. she drew lots of lines on her page & wrote lots of letters. madi has her own notebook at home & has been writing for ages (at the scribble stage) but today she used recognisable letters! so proud of her!


little bear … was shy at 1st but settled in well at kindy. even had a sleep this afternoon & declared that he liked school when we picked him up! it was such a relief to hear him say that because i had been worried about how he’d go. next time should be much easier!

by the time madi’s ballet class finished, it was quite stormy in town. severe storms had been predicted for our area & we drove thru rain on the way home – none at home though! its always disappointing when that happens!

totally exhausted tonite! getting up so early & home at dark & then having to unpack the groceries, make dinner, get the kids to bed … yep exhausted! … didn’t even feel like chatting at BB … just wanted to chill … so i settled in to watch serendipity. i just love that word & its meaning "pure luck in discovering things you were not looking for" … i’ve often thought about opening a shop called serendipity – no doubt many already exist, but the idea of creating a shop filled with all sorts of treasures is very appealing! … anyway, it was a thoroughly sweet romantic tale staring john cusack & kate beckinsale – a must-see for any hopeless romantic!

to end the day beautifully, it came up stormy tonite! it was so nice to go to bed with the delightful sound & smell of rain in the air! life is good!


my style CJ

February 7, 2006

CJ groups have been around for awhile & i’ve always wanted to be involved with one. so … when thea said there was space in her CJ group, i leapt at the chance!

i wanted a fun topic & settled on "style" as my theme. can’t wait to see everyone’s entries! it will be such fun to see it when it makes its way around the circle. i’ve used a scrapworks aluminium mini-album. here is the cover:


materials: may arts ribbon, american crafts simply chic letter stickers, MM tag, scrapworks rubons, white gel pen.

here’s my entry:


materials: MAMBI fabric paper, MM tiny alphabets, chatterbox tacks, 7 gypsies index tab, ribbon (heidi swapp & BB), prima flowers, dymo label, distress ink, pinking shears, stitching

love this photo of my kids! & i’m so happy with my entry – it shows the elements i love to use & my scrapping style – clean & simple that’s me!


happy day!!

February 3, 2006

DH collected my blue bazaar order in town today!! lots of gorgeous KI papers, ribbon, ice candy & frames! scrapworks bazzil (love the colours!), heidi swapp plastic alphabets & lil davis vintage wood alphabets too! can’t wait to play with them!


& there’s more on the way … cause i couldn’t resist the big blue bazaar birthday sale!! its on this week – make sure you check it out!