photo scavenger hunt: teapot

February 2, 2006

everyone knows that i love taking photos – especially of my kids. but sometimes i get bored with the sameness of what’s happening in our lives. lets face it, we live in an isolated spot, we only get to town once a week & now that i’m homeschooling, that takes a fair chunk of my time. everyday life just doesn’t seem that exciting KWIM? perhaps if we lived in the city & had access to a bigger variety of places, i’d feel differently … or maybe its just a case of not seeing the beauty in your own backyard.

anyway, i was excited to find some photography challenges that i’m hoping will get me inspired to see our world through fresh eyes. did you know there are new photography challenges posted everyday of the week?? check out:

monday: moody monday

tuesday: photo tuesday

wednesday: lens day

thursday: thursday challenge

friday: photo friday

saturday: Brookston Weekly Photo Scavenger Hunt & pxite

sunday: macro day

madi has a sweet minature teaset – so the teapot theme at Brookston Weekly Photo Scavenger Hunt looked like a fun place to start. here tis:20060202_1

love this quote from Quote Unquote vol 2:

live with intention

walk to the edge

listen hard

practise wellness

play with abandon


choose with no regret

continue to learn

appreciate your friends

do what you love

love as if this is all there is

~ mary anne radmacher


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