a BIG day in town!

February 8, 2006

today was the day … bear’s 1st day at kindy! madi also had a big day – meeting her new LSODE teacher – Mrs Jones & starting ballet classes. she was so excited about the trip that she helped to pack lunches last nite then was up & dressed in her uniform at 6am this morning! you have to love that sort of enthusiasm!

anyhoo … we had to leave home by 7.30am (always a challenge!) because it takes so long to drive into town. being a 1st day, i had to get some photos of my babies! it was rushed, but i managed a few decent shots before we left:


sweet madi … met Mrs Jones & did on-air in the studio. they started journal writing (did you know yr 1’s do that??) & i was really happy with her effort. she drew lots of lines on her page & wrote lots of letters. madi has her own notebook at home & has been writing for ages (at the scribble stage) but today she used recognisable letters! so proud of her!


little bear … was shy at 1st but settled in well at kindy. even had a sleep this afternoon & declared that he liked school when we picked him up! it was such a relief to hear him say that because i had been worried about how he’d go. next time should be much easier!

by the time madi’s ballet class finished, it was quite stormy in town. severe storms had been predicted for our area & we drove thru rain on the way home – none at home though! its always disappointing when that happens!

totally exhausted tonite! getting up so early & home at dark & then having to unpack the groceries, make dinner, get the kids to bed … yep exhausted! … didn’t even feel like chatting at BB … just wanted to chill … so i settled in to watch serendipity. i just love that word & its meaning "pure luck in discovering things you were not looking for" … i’ve often thought about opening a shop called serendipity – no doubt many already exist, but the idea of creating a shop filled with all sorts of treasures is very appealing! … anyway, it was a thoroughly sweet romantic tale staring john cusack & kate beckinsale – a must-see for any hopeless romantic!

to end the day beautifully, it came up stormy tonite! it was so nice to go to bed with the delightful sound & smell of rain in the air! life is good!



  1. ok WOW! these photos are AMAZING! what gorgeous kids, you have really captured such beauty and fun in them – i am so impressed!!

  2. Wow Charleigh, your photos are always so amazingly clear and superb colours! I would love a few pointers one day. Love your CJ too!

  3. these pics are terrific Charleigh
    glad your kids enjoyed their first day of school

  4. Charleigh these photos are gorgeous.

  5. Ohhhh our liddle cuties!!! Hey, let me know if you need any dancing gear (shoes, leotards etc) we seem to have A LOT sitting round at home and the dance school!! Talk soon!

  6. Your children are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a big day 🙂


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