Studio Friday: catch-up

February 24, 2006

Playing catch-up with the Studio Friday challenges. This one was from the end of January – we had to use our two favourite paints & our fingers & just play:


my favourite paints were: betty (heidi) & honeydew (MM)

studio friday: practise makes perfect

i’ve had a love/hate relationship with my handwriting for years ie. love to have nice handwriting but hated my own handwriting LOL! in high school, i experimented with a backhand style. but that style was quickly squashed when i went to teachers college in favour of the new queensland script – teacher style! then in my semi-retirement from teaching, i found myself using the computer more & doing less writing by hand. it didn’t take long for my handwriting to get rusty & untidy ! when i started scrapping, most of my journalling was done on the computer – the neat computer generated look was far preferable to my scrawl! … but i’d still look at LO’s with neat handwritten journalling & wish i could write like that!

… so when heidi swapp – the guru of handwriting – brought out a book on the subject, i was intrigued to find out if love your handwriting could REALLY help me to love my handwriting! one of heidi’s key tips is to relax & always always always write in pencil first. i also love how she encourages you to practise & experiment with developing your own style. after years of being forced into teacher-script style, i’m keen to find my own style! so i’ve found a nice journal & started writing morning pages – 3 pages by hand. its a soothing process where you just let the thoughts flow. writing in pencil helps me to use a light, relaxed pencil hold & i’ve discovered that my handwriting style is developing. its lost the rigid teacher script look & has become more relaxed. its not perfect – yet! but the practise is helping! the photo below shows (L to R): my journal & handwriting today, my wedding journal & handwriting in 1997, heidi’s workbook.


studio friday: what’s your poison? 

My poison – in terms of what I can’t resist – would have to be chocolate! I’ve got a serious weakness for the stuff – sometimes i can keep on nibbling & consume a whole block & feel terrible afterwards! BUT, I need to get healthy – like I REALLY need to get healthy! so when i read about the 21 challenge Rhonna has started (the idea is to focus on changing a habit & to make it fun, document your progress in an art journal). anyhoo, it sounded like the motivation I need – so I’m in! This month, I plan to foster one good habit (daily walking) & eliminate one bad habit (eating chocolate). Wish me luck!

studio friday: something old …

i’ve accumulated quite a collection of machines in my studio – thought they’d be perfect for this week’s challenge! firstly, there’s an old singer sewing machine that michael’s gran gave me (something old), then a flash brother embroidery machine from my kids clothing design days (something new-ish), a sturdy orange husqvuana workhorse on permanent loan from my mum (something borrowed) & my trusty xyron (somthing blue). why do i have three sewing machines (& an overlocker)? my mother & grandmother are both brilliant seamstresses & i did quite a bit of sewing before the kids were born.

why do i have so many sewing machines?? good Q! my husband teases me about it! the fact is my mother & grandmother are both brilliant seamstresses & i did quite a bit of sewing before the kids were born. so even though my sewing is now mainly seen on my layouts, i can’t bear to part with any of them because each machine has a very different look. the brother is very precise & has the embroidery features & the husqvarna is my everyday workhorse. the singer also has a unique look that i’m keen to use … when i finally find the key to unlock the box!




  1. On the envelope you sent me I actually took note of your handwriting, because I thought it looked so nice 🙂

  2. I love your photography! Nice job on the studio fridays.

  3. Nice handwriting Charleigh! and I noticed your ‘slant’ has changed too since 1997 from right to left – I have too much time on my hands I know lol.
    🙂 AL.

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