Studio Friday: room with a view

April 7, 2006

i’m back!! 🙂

in time for studio friday! my studio is actually a little alcove off our living area. it has windows on two sides & is a great spot for natural light portraits! my worktable looks out over a paved area & pool where the kids had a blast this summer. near the tree is a funny looking wibbly-wobbly they both adore! but at the moment, the most important thing about the view is that its rather grey & wet – its been raining since tuesday nite!!!


now … if it weren’t for the fact that we only managed 2 days of shearing this week & probably won’t get it finished before easter … we could sit back & really enjoy this unusually cool wet weather!



  1. Woohoo Charleigh… I’m so glad you are back! I have missed you daily glimpses… it’s the rain wonderful… we are also getting webbed feet here in Moranbah and loving every second of it!

  2. Hope you get a break in the weather. BTW…absolutely LOVE your banner photo.

  3. I love the wibbly-wobbly! But it looks like you have had more than your share of rain!

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