May 19, 2006

just a quick post to celebrate madi’s 1st spin two wheeling!! in truth, she hasn’t needed training wheels for a long time – having them on has been a confidence thing. but today, she was encouraged to give it a try & there’s no stopping her now!! we’re so proud of her! note the tiara she’s wearing – our little princess has taken to wearing it all day every day lately! LOL! i’m glad that i managed to get our new puppy in the photo too. i’ve been meaning to get some photos of her – she’s growing so fast! michael hasn’t decided on a name for her yet. madi likes princess annaliese (which is highly unlikely! LOL!) so i’m calling her cleo (short for cleopatra) until he can think of anything better.




  1. Yay for Madi two wheeling it! We are about to take Annaliese’s training wheels off too! And we think Madi’s name for the puppy is perfect!LOL

  2. WOW 2 wheels, it’s a big day!
    Love the colours in this photo Charleigh, what time of the day did you take it? It’s stunning, so soft and beautiful.

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