chai tea

May 20, 2006

when i was in brissie last week for tests on my back, a friend introduced me to bondi chai "a seriously delicious creamy-smooth blend of milk, black tea, honey, vanilla & exotic comfort spices" trust me it is a taste sensation!! there are two varieties to choose from – vanilla honey & club cinnamon – the cinnamon flavour is stronger, but both are delicious! i’ve been drinking far too much coffee lately – more as a companionable thing to do than anything – so i’ve been wanting to find a nice low caffeine alternative. i think i’ve found it!


BTW. i’ve tried lipton’s chai latte too & trust me it doesn’t come close!


One comment

  1. Chai tea… I have wondered about it, but thought it might be a bit “Hippy” ( as in “Peace man”, not overly curvey) for me. I am a BIG… no, HUGE tea drinker. I will have to have a look for it whaen I next head to “civilization”, on your recommendation of course, so if it’s no good… it’a all on you! LOL. Have a great day Charleigh

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