June 30, 2006

… is the theme this week at blue bazaar. both my grandmother & mother are amazing seamstresses who have made everything from playclothes to ballgowns & quilts over the years. their work was always meticulous & the attention to detail impressive. this week’s theme is a tribute to them & indeed to my whole family – they make my life rich & complete. PS. i used MM boho papers to make a quilt using a log cabin design & stitched it together with DH’s gran’s old singer machine.


materials: mm boho papers, mm paint, mm tiny boho letters, CBX wooden frames, pressed petals chip chatter lettering, machine stitching.

photos are from top left: my brother sister & i on my 1st day of school; my mother, grandmother & great-grandmother with us three kids when i was a baby; my granbparents & dad’s extended family; my siblings & their families on my wedding day; our family last xmas; madi & bear xmas 2003.

i adapted one of maya angelo’s poems for the journalling: my family is a precious thread refining, enriching & strengthening the fabric of my life.


One comment

  1. I’ve already commented on this one over at BB Charleigh… but it’s too pretty to pass by…Love the log cabin idea and the use of CBX frames!

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