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July 13, 2006

plans to be a better blogger! the past couple of months have been hectic & crazy & overwhelming! we travelled 1000’s of km – to melbourne to see DH’s 103 YO (!!!) grandmother, to my dad’s 70th birthday celebrations, to charters towers to see the lovely dorable debbie & to airlie beach for a friend’s wedding. i plan to go back & update my blog over the next couple of weeks.

the thing that takes up most of my day ATM is homeschooling – its a huge commitment! i love working with my DD & its wonderfully rewarding to see how much she’s learnt already. but there have been times i’ve wished that sending her to a conventional school was an option! some days are so frustrating!!! … BUT we’re getting there & i believe we’ve connected & become closer too.

how i admire (& envy!) those people who seem to have it altogether – managing kids & scrapping commitments & homes & blogs & everything!! how do they do it?? i seriously need more motivation, more energy & better time management skills … for starters!! what’s your big tip for staying on top of things?? any & all suggestions welcome!



  1. hi gorgeous!

    Well, I ahve no sugesstions- I am supoer diaorganised and always chase my tail! mmm sorry, no help- but I wanted to encourage you with home schooling! I think that it is awesome that you are doign it- good for you- I am actally seriously considering it and I will be schooling 3 kids – 11, 7 and 5 🙂 and I live near schools! lol- anyway- I think it is a great way to stay really close to your kids – so good on you 🙂

  2. Sorry, I’m no help either… I sooo hear what you are saying about wanting to have it all… and have it all under control! Wish I had the answers too charleigh and neither of my little ones are at school, so I don’t even have that commitment!Good luck in your quest… and let us know if you find the trick… you’ll make a mint!

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