my girl is growing up

July 19, 2006

i captured these photos of madi at trudy & mick’s wedding recently. totally love her smile! even though she’s quite photogenic, for some reason she doesn’t like looking at the camera anymore (hmmm … i’m sure it couldn’t have anything to do with having a camera in her face since she was born! LOL!) anyhooo, when she’s told to look at the camera (like recent school photos) she ends up looking uncomfortable & un-natural! so … you need to be quick to catch shots like this! my baby is growing up!


& in b&w:


since going digital, i’ve been having a love affair with colour! back in my film days, 9 out of 10 rolls were black & white – i just love the classic look of b&w! but i also preferred b&w because colour shots often didn’t have the punch i was looking for. since going digital, colour is the default mode & seeing the work of awesome photographers like tara, audrey & barb (to name a few!) has really inspired me to work with colour … & i must admit its been a lot of fun!

for editing, ATM i’m using PSE3 & a few plugins from:


have a great day!



  1. Hi Charleigh!! Madi looks simply gorgeous!!! Love that joke too!

  2. “Quite photogenic”…PLEEEAAASSSSEE… please tell me that these are the words of a vrey proud mumma trying to be modest! Maddi is stunning… model type cute! Love the colouor version of this phot Charleigh… the subtlties in the colours are beautiful. Love the classic look of the B&W though…What a fun time she looks like she’s having!

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