random thoughts

July 22, 2006

its been a big week – with stockwork, extra people in the house & a busy homeschool program – so today it was nice to have a lazy morning. we both love a chance to lie in bed with coffee & a good book!

things i’ve been reading lately:

* body & soul – an inspirational read! i particularly enjoyed the articles on conscious eating, learning to love your body & living your dreams. plus there are regular articles by people like jennifer louden & cheryl richardson.

* home beautiful – filled with gorgeously decorated homes! i love the 100 year old adelaide house with its fresh white on white look & the trend towards photos as artwork – b&w photos, framed simply & clustered on a wall. there’s also a section on chocolate recipies that looks positively dangerous – for your waistline!! why oh why does chocolate taste so good!

* the da vinci code – yep i’m probably the 2nd last person in the world to read it! (DH is reading it now!) the truth is that whilst i love reading, i haven’t read a novel in years. i’ve flicked thru hundreds of mags & books (mainly scrapping-related) but i could never settle with a novel – until now! i have to say how much i enjoyed reading this book – it was well written – a real page turner! i read it in just over a day – yep! i was completely absorbed (& not very communicative with my family LOL!) which is probably why i’ve avoided reading novels for so long! now i’m interested to see how it’s translated to the big screen. if you’ve seen it, LMK what you thought!

have a great weekend!



  1. Oh I loved that book!!! I want to read the first one now… I’m a bit scared to see the movie though.. Tom Hanks is not how I pictured him LOL

  2. There is nothing better than hopping into bed, pulling up the blankies and grabbing a book….I live for it at the end of my day….Da Vinci Code, book has to be better than the film, I was so dissapointed….Love the Home Dec. books too, my fav is Real Living…gorgeous ideas without the price tag. Hope you are well Charleigh.
    Steph xx

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