kiwiscraps swap pins

August 12, 2006


6 more sleeps til kiwiscraps!! 🙂

i’ve heard that over 300 people will be there – its going to be huge!! & even tho there are a lot of things on my to do list – i decided to make swap pins. now i’ve never made swap pins before – but they need a pin – right? so hopefully these will be OK! it seems like lots of the NZ gals are making them – are the aussies too?? hope so! 🙂

soon after i started scrapping, i purchased an epson printer (1290) & have been printing my photos at home. the results were great & things were good … until a gecko fried the printer when i was in the middle of a photography article for for keeps – now that was a major drama!! fortunately a friend loaned me a printer & helped me out of a tight spot. but it motivated me to find a back-up printer so i wouldn’t get stuck again (a 2000P for less than $300 on ebay!! gotta love a bargain!). & yes several more geckos have been fried since! they’re expensive little critters! i’m still happy with the results from my machine’s – but i’ve heard some great reviews of the R1800 (or its baby brother the R800) & the R2400. the colour these machines produce is really punchy … i would love to get one of those babies sometime soon!

anyway, i sent away my 1st order of photos for professional printing last week & can’t wait to see how they look! i use PSE3 – which doesn’t have some calibrating tools that PS has – so i’m really *hoping* my colours will be OK.

thanks for stopping by! 🙂



  1. Hey Beautiful, just thought I would drop by and say hi….. have I told you lately just how much I love your work…..and that photo of your family out in the country….DIVINE…….
    Steph xo
    Have fun at KIWI SCRAPS…wish I was going….
    sob sob.

  2. aw your pins look gorgeous!!

    I think there are some ladies doing them, I decided not too, cause I didn’t have the energy lol!!

    I’ll get a piccie with you instead ;o)

  3. Your pins are so cute Charleigh… I think I “heard” some of the Kiwiscraps girls at BB are making pins… but it might have been the Kiwi chicks too… sorry, no help I know!
    Who’s doing your processing for you? Let us know how it goes… always on the lookout for good processors ( or the not so good ones to avoid!LOL) Have a great time at Kiwiscraps…you must be getting close to leaving so you can make the long trek south… We want full reports with photos when you return!

  4. Hi Catherine,

    We’ve just discovered your kind comments abour our product – Bondi Chai – and wanted to ask if you minded if we copied them into our ‘testimonials’ collection.

    Please allow us to send you a 250g retail pack of each variety by way of recompense. If you’d like to send me a mailing address to my email address: info@bondichai.com.au or give me a call on 0427 330 396 we can make the arrangements.

    Thank you again for your glowing recommendations. They’re very gratifying and we’re glad you liked our product.

    Warm regards (from Tasmania, where we live)

    Melissa and Martin.

  5. Charleigh, your swap pins are delightful!!! The girls who receive one of these will be very lucky! Love your KI tin – so fresh! Have a fantastic time at Kiwi Scraps!

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