feeling inspired again

September 17, 2006

fancy this … 2 posts made on the actual day (rather than during a power blogging catch-up! LOL!) can you tell i’m trying to make this blogging thing a habit?!

anyhooo … steve’s workshop was awesome – so inspiring! he is an amazing man with so much passion for what he does. he shared lots of photos & a huge variety of subjects – from birds, fish & landscapes to people, places & quirky stuff. he loves to collect images – wagon wheels, wall art, animals, flowers, hats etc. steve showed several powerpoint presentations – on his photographic journey, the creative process, the business side; he brought in his kit (yep its amazing!! 5 nikon digtal bodies – one for each lens 12-24mm, 14mm, 70-180mm micro, 80-400mm & 500mm) & had time for Q & A. a lot of the info is contained in a great "how to" photography book he’s written. i would’ve bought one yesterday but they ran out of copies. you can get more info about it on this website: http://www.photographaustralia.com.au/

keep an eye on the website – they gave away a nikon camera kit recently & steve is planning to make it more interactive by the end of the year.

sometimes i get bogged down in the everyday – you know dealing with routine stuff like washing & mess & the 1001 things i have to do. that’s why i love going to workshops like these – they really get me fired up & inspired again. they help me to pause & look at things with new eyes. so rather than rushing home, i paused to capture some photos on the way.


our home


amazing texture!



  1. Hi Charleigh! I’m so glad you had a good time at Kiwi Scraps. For some reason I couldn’t see any of your previous blog entries until today! Very strange! Love that you are all inspired again and these photos are terrific! As are all your latest projects!

  2. Wow Charleigh,
    What a treasure trove of info your blog is today! So glad you had a great time at the workshop… time off for good behaviour does everyone good I think!
    Thanks for the links…
    Love the photos from your trip home… I LOVE the first one… the light is beautiful…and a little moody… great shot… is that Tuscon?

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