one of those weeks

September 18, 2006

… when there are 1001 things that need to be done before wednesday & a bore breaks!! no doubt you’re wondering what a bore is … its where water for the stock is pumped from. there is only one watering point in channel paddock – so when the bore stops pumping, getting it fixed & quickly is critical. there’s a windmill over the bore with a huge 24foot head. in the past, i’ve had the job climbing the windmill & holding onto the head while michael clamps the rods. not fun! especially when by some cruel twist of fate, the days you need to fix bores are usually windy ones! thankfully, i’ve graduated past that job – michael did it today – and it was predictably windy! the morning was not successful so michael had to re-rig the mill & we went back this afternoon. everything went like clockwork this time. tomorrow we have to go back to put new rods down & if everything goes well, we should be back by lunchtime. i meant to take the camera this afternoon – but forgot it. so instead i’ll share this photo – it was captured while we were pulling another bore when madi was little (back in 2001). thanks for stopping by!



One comment

  1. How goes the bore today? Hope you guys got it all sorted… nothing worse than being without water, especially now that it is heating up again! Love that photo, get a real feeling of scale from it… the huge-ness ( is that a word??? *g*) of the windmill and the tiny-ness of little Maddi… Where did you position yourself to get it?

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