fixing the bore

September 19, 2006

i’m happy to report that the bore is fixed & pumping again (without any squashed fingers this time! yes! this is where michael’s accident happened back in january) his fingers have healed remarkably well & we’re so thankful! anyhoo … i took my camera when we put the bore down & it feels good to be capturing things like this again. after all – fixing bores is part of life for us.

i used the poster edges filter on this image – the effect is subtle, but i like it!


love how you get a sense of scale from this image (the windmill has a 24ft head). the kids are so good at entertaining themselves – they tied an intricate rope pattern on the back of the tojo, pretended a broken trough was a boat, found some mud to paint olden day rocks etc.


these are the rods that go down the bore – this one takes 14 lengths & is our deepest bore.


another scale shot


thanks for stopping by!


One comment

  1. I just love these photos, they make me homesick for out west. I used to be a domestic on a cattle station, north of Julia creek for when I was a teen, and then I became a Governess just before the kids were born, out near St George way. Love your photos, they are awesome.

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