new lens = new banner

June 26, 2007

yep … i know its been ages (like 6 months) since i posted. its been a tough year & i retreated into my shell – but i’ve missed blogging & making connections. so … i’m back … again!

this photo of the moon:


with captured with my new lens – the amazing 50-500mm sigma (affectionately known as the "bigma"). the reach on this baby is awesome – like looking thru a telescope!  i love the fact that its 200mm longer than most zooms & a subtle black. i love the fact that one lens covers such a wide range. although its quite heavy, it fits perfectly on the 20D (with a battery pack). the 50mm lens will always be my favourite for low-light situations, but this one (esp. with a monopod) will be the star outdoors. i can’t wait to try it out on our next trip to the beach! 



  1. OMG what an awesome photo! Simply stunning……… !

    I LOVE your blog – thanks for coming back to the blog world! I am a country gal too – in Western NSW… 🙂


  2. Hey Charleigh… you are back!
    Took me a while to get back to your blog too… hope things are getting easier for you… or that you have worked out how to “tame the beasts”

    LOVE the photo… absolutely amazing… what were your settings for this??? AMAZING!

    Welcome back We’ve missed you!

  3. OK I just went and had a look at the BIGMA…. wowsers… do you get arm pump from holding it up???? It’s a monster, but the sample shots are awesome!

  4. just stunning banner !
    take care
    so glad you are back

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