flowerpots & fencelines

June 29, 2007

saw it, loved it, bought it! my treat from todays shopping trip:


NB. hoping the colour looks OK – we’ve got a new computer/monitor & its taking a while to figure out monitor colour vs true colour.

last friday, our friend kenny came for a visit (& to help DH build a new fence). they couldn’t get started straight away because the weather has been so cold & rainy & wet (over 2 inches for the week)!! it cleared up by wednesday, so they had a chance to go & cut gidyea posts & get onto building the fence. some images from the fenceline:






a gecko bear found

PS. i used this free lomo action on the fenceline images.



  1. so glad to see you are back blogging again!!! i love the pics on the farm!!

  2. What great photos – love the effects on them – they really make them pop! 🙂


  3. love this action charleigh, I so love your photos, and have really missed not seeing regular pieces from you… the rain has been lovely hasn’t it… the cold that came with it caught us by surprise though… we are so not prepared for cold weather here!We all got sick!

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