bear & the big blue bike

July 2, 2007

we gave bear this fabulous red trike (& trailer) for his 4th birthday & he just loved it!


his balance & co-ordination is so good, that he made the transition from trike to bike easily – taking off the training wheels within a couple of days. so when his red bike broke recently, he decided to try madi’s big blue bike. its so big that he needs something to help him get on


but once he gets going, there’s no stopping him!




this one is a bit blurry – but i love his expression!

i’m so proud of him!!



  1. when did Bear turn into a boy???? How old is he now??? Wow… a big boy bike… what an achievement! GOOOOOO BEAR!

  2. i was just thinking of you and came to say Hi !
    love the expression on Bear’s face in the last photo !
    take care

  3. Hi, I come to say I love your photography and it is so nice to see Aussie kids enjoying their farm. Have to say I love the last photo and I even love the bluriness (is there such a word??). Bye, Alex

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