her gappy smile

August 11, 2007


she’s lost another 2 teeth since her birthday!

today we went up into bladensburg national park – its a beautiful, rugged spot with waterholes the kids can’t resist


frequent encounters with wildlife


i love this one where both the emu’s feet are off the ground!


the bigma was perfect for shooting these slithery critters


checking out the view at the escarpment (love the body language here)


the view from the lookout (towards winton)


we’ve been fortunate to have marg & bill with us for 6 weeks this term. marg is a vise tutor & bill is an angel – literally! vise volunteers give their time & expertise to support the education of isolated children & their families (you can read more about vise here & here). they arrived at a time when i was worn down & exhausted from a long struggle with health issues & the stress associated with educating your own kids. because of them, i had the time to go to sydney, see a variety of specialists & find some alternate treatments that worked! because of them, i’ve returned feeling energised & hopeful about the future (rather than stressed about having to "catch up" 2 weeks of schoolwork). because of them, i can enjoy just being mama for awhile. i’m so grateful for the time we’ve had with them … their support has been such a blessing!


One comment

  1. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well, i hope you are feeling better now, thinking of you
    take care

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