colour your world

August 18, 2007

i’ve been doing carol wingert‘s colour your world class at BPS. carol taught my 1st ever scrapbook class & she’s brilliant! if you ever have an opportunity to take one of her classes – do it! as we explored each colour, she provided wonderfully detailed notes, gave us a great insight into her creative process & shared lots of cool techniques. whilst carol created individual layouts for the class, we were free to do our own thing, so i decided to use a creative imaginations bare library. my cover design was inspired by the fabulous banner on ngaire’s beautiful blog


i kept the design of each colour book nice & simple – with patterned paper & journalling on the LHS & a photo on the RHS. here’s a peek at the yellow book

_mg_6969 _mg_6970 _mg_6971 _mg_6972

there are 11 other albums in the set – here’s a sample of their covers:

_mg_6975 _mg_6976

i’ll post some interior shots when they’re finished.

i’d love to hear about any online classes you’ve done & your thoughts about them.



  1. Hi Catherine, I also did Carol’s class and I just loved it. Her work is just gorgeous & I love working with colour! I do heaps of classes over at BPS and have been doing them for a few years now. One of my fave sites for classes. Love these little CI books you did in Carol’s class. Saw them in the gallery but didn’t realise they were yours. Love your photography too (very inspiring) and like checking out your blog too!

  2. Hi, I too enjoy reading your blog and enjoy your photography. Just had to comment about online classes….I have just done the ‘Hey Dad’ class over at Kim Archers website. It was great and very inspiring. We created bookmarks, noodle boxes and layouts. It was a fabulous week of gift ideas. Have just got into the world of online classes with discovering Kims (shes a fav.) and will definately have to check out the one you recommend. Bye.

  3. Hey Charleigh

    I too am a big fan of BPS classes. I always find them really useful for ideas and inspiration. I am looking forward to meeting Stacy herself in November.

    I can’t imagine you’d need to take too many classes – you’re so incredible yourself!!

    love Kass

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