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annual family photo

December 31, 2007

IE shut down the last time i tried to compose this post … 2nd time lucky i hope!

the couch & windmill photo was always going to be a tough act to follow, but one of the things i love about our photo shoot tradition, is the challenge of finding a new location – another unique part of this special place we call home.

when recent rainfall filled the dams, it also put a good run through the channels & michael can’t remember the last time they were wet for xmas! So this sandy waterhole seemed the perfect location for our annual family photo!



100th post & an early xmas gift

December 16, 2007

feeling so grateful this am. we woke to rain. the awesome sustained dam-filling variety. house dam (pictured) went dry in july & we’ve had to pump water from big dam ever since. up until this week, things had been looking pretty grim. so, to get good rain before xmas is such a blessing! we’ve recorded almost 5 inches for the week & its still raining. this is what we’d been hoping for – its the BEST xmas gift ever!