new year ponderings

January 1, 2008

happy new year!!

i’ve spent the past couple of days tackling a few unfinished projects – like painting the dining room & tidying my scrapping area … plus pondering 2007 & the possibilities of 2008 …

ali’s life artist book has become one of my favourite books & her one word idea struck a chord with me.

last year i chose the word "transformation"

this year i considered: balance, journey, connect, abundance, intention

& decided on FOCUS: To concentrate attention or energy (synonyms: engage, adjust, attract, balance & connect) love its literal connection with my photography goals!

one of those goals is to capture at least one photo everyday & blog about it. yes another goal is to be a better blogger – i hope you’ll keep me honest *wink* after all it seems rather silly to have a blog & not use it. thus far, one of the things that’s held me back is the writing. journalling has never been my strong point – especially public journalling anyone can read. as the great ansel adams said:

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.  When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. 

quite a few people are undertaking project365this site is posting daily prompts with a selfportrait focus (i’ll do a self portrait each month – 12 is enough for me lol!) my focus will be on capturing everyday life. while the countryside is looking lush & green, i thought it would be good to start with the view. it will be interesting to see how it changes during project365.


canon 20D & sigma 50-500mm lens (aka bigma) @ 64mm; ISO: 400; f11; 1/500

the view from the office window at 6pm. 3 of 5 chooks at the waterhole & LOTS of green grass – gotta love that!


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