storms & caterpillars

January 12, 2008

we’re still enjoying delightfully overcast weather from ex-tropical cyclone Helen. Today started out foggy & drizzly, then this storm brewed to the north after lunch … we’ll never grow tired of scenes like this!


Another thing the rain has spawned is caterpillars – Madi & Bear love to catch & care for them (ie. find spots where they’ll be safe from the chooks!)


The fencing project has been on hold with the overcast weather, so an unplanned bonus is that Kenny’s been painting & he’s nearly finished the lounge/dining rooms!! Tomorrow he starts on the office – once its done, we can get the flooring laid & stage 1 of the renovations will be complete!

i can’t wait!


One comment

  1. Hi there Charleigh,
    haven’t you started the year with a bang! LOL Serves me right for not checking in more often! Loving the photos and isn’t Tucson looking absolutely beautiful. It’s hard to find the right words to describe how joyful it makes you to see beautiful GREEN vistas now where once it was dusty and red. Love it!
    Loved the Christmas card too… sorry this is the first I’ve said about it… Christmas new year is notoriously crazy here (everywhere I guess!).

    I will make sure I check back more regularly now that you are back on the blogging train! LOL There is always so much good stuff to see here… keep at it!

    take care Charleigh


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