sunday = pancakes

January 20, 2008

one of our family traditions is to have pancakes for breakfast each Sunday. the kids love to help cook & we serve them up with double cream, real maple syrup & pie peaches or apricots. we also brew real coffee for the big people & hot choc for the kids. Today, i tried a new Martha Stewart recipe that shimelle recommended in her kitchen diary – some of the pancakes broke apart when they were flipped, but they still tasted delicious!



  1. Yummy! Excellent shot.

  2. In our house, we love pancakes too and I’m happy to report that you can still buy pancake mixes that are made in the USA. The website is called: american made yes

    They are companies with small but careful production facilities and they are part of the middle America that provides jobs for our neighbors and friends. If you do try one of them, please let me know how you rate the product.

  3. Yum! I am coming to your house on a Sunday! Yum. Yum .Yum. Gotta love Martha… made some of her holiday sugar cookies for the rellies at Christmas… they were a hit!

    Still raining here… how ’bout there?

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