milk mo

January 22, 2008

sepia or colour?

PS. the poor baby fell out of a tree last week & you can still see the marks on his chin. what is it about boys & trees?!! 



  1. I vote colour! 🙂 Just gorgeous……..!

    ooooh I have a boy just like him with constant ‘battle wounds’….. it is really ‘boys will be boys’! 🙂

  2. thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment Charleigh…to answer your question – i used my new lens 50mm F1.2 on those photo’s…i LOVE that lens!!
    Hey, whats your Flickr address…i’m there too and trying to find you….

    Oh…and i like them both but slightly more the sepia one!

  3. Hi Charleigh, I have popped by your blog in such a long time … imagine my pleasant surprise to find that there are DAILY POSTS … most impressed … your photos are truly magical and it is wonderful to see you property looking so lush …. send some of those storms our way … I am looking forward to stopping by more regularly … oh I like the colour photo more … take care, Pip.

  4. First of all, your little guy is adorable.
    For some reason I like the color for this one.
    Very sweet peach tones!

  5. I think I must have a funny eye, but (going against the general consensus) I like sepia for this one… To me you can “see more Bear” in the sepia, the other one I am too distracted by the colour, but looks like I’m the only one LOL

    Cute shot charleigh!

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