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winding road

February 13, 2008

Thanks so much to everyone who’s stopped by & taken the time to comment. Even tho i haven’t had a chance to email – your comments mean alot to me. This week has been crazy busy because we’ve had a tonne of things to do … before we head to the beach for a much needed break. Yipppeee!

I don’t expect to be able to update my blog while we’re away, but you can bet I’ll be taking lots of photos!! 😉

The temperature has hit the 40’s alot lately & that lush green grass has hayed off. So we were grateful to get another 2 inches of rain early this week & already new green shoots are bursting thru.


That’s it for now – I hope you’ll stop by on March 1st for an update.

See you then!


camera woes & painting

February 12, 2008

My camera is dying

I’ve been having battery/power issues since xmas. At first, if I popped the batteries out & cleaned them, it would keep working, but now I’m lucky to get 2 frames before it shuts down. It’s SO frustrating!! Fortunately, we’ll be in the big smoke soon & can find out if it’s repairable & if isn’t … I’m hoping my sweet DH will let me splurge on the new 40D J

So, while everything is out of the office, we’ve been painting. Three of the walls are a lovely neutral shade (antique white) & the 4th is a feature wall we’re painting a delicious blue called Blue Bay. The house used to have all beige walls, so its been such fun to introduce colour like this.


one step closer

February 11, 2008

… to finishing the renovations. The flooring was laid today & I’m so happy with how it looks!


photo organisation

February 10, 2008

A few days ago, Monique & Suzannah asked about my new photo system. With over 3 years of digi photos, it was getting difficult to find things & I needed something more than a hodge podge “edit” folder. So I used the family fun library categories from Stacy Julian’s Big Picture Scrapbooking to set up a photo library. It’s a work in progress, so I’m keen to see the ideas in her new book photo freedom (& think about the next BPS class).

This is how it works atm.

  1. original files (aka. digital negs) are stored chronologically
  2. anything that’s been edited, is “saved as” a tiff file in the photo library (nb. I keep the original number from the camera ie. _mg_1234.tiff so it’s easier to track back to the original file)

My photo library categories are:

  • all about us (contains individual folders + relationship folders)
  • people we love (ext. family + friends)
  • celebrations (easter & xmas + xtras)
  • places we go (near & far)
  • things we do
  • school of life
  • photos i love

This year, most of the photos I’ve edited have been for project 365+1, so they’re stored in a special project folder atm. I also have a “blog” folder for web images. The great thing with a digital system is that photos can easily be placed in multiple folders. So the project 365 photos will eventually be sorted into library categories too. The thing I love about this new system, is how much easier it is to find things. Like finding 10 favourite photos of Miss M – so much easier when all her photos are in one file. The other interesting thing is making connections – like seeing how her smile has changed over the years.

That’s about it – it’s far from perfect, but it’s a start.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


simple pleasures

February 10, 2008

… a quiet house & time to enjoy freshly brewed coffee in my favourite cup


water baby

February 9, 2008

M & B spent most of this afternoon playing in the pool. They both adore water – everything from the bath, creek, dam & puddles to the pool & beach.

So I wanted to capture a water baby image – this is my favourite!

just a short post today – i’ll answer the Q about the photo library next time!

thanks for stopping by!


Top 10

February 8, 2008

… is the 1st blue bazaar DT theme for 2008 so i created this collection of 10 favourite Miss M photos

it’s a digi layout using gorgeous paper created by Nancy Comelab for BB

The collection was easy to put together because I’ve been going thru my many photos & re-organising them. When I went digital, I setup chronological folders, now I’ve added a photo library (loosely based on Stacey Julian’s system). It’s a work in progress, but already it’s made it SO much easier to locate photos & see connections.