new growth

February 2, 2008

Trying to build a garden has been challenging because both of us lack the necessary green thumbs! So imagine our delight last year, when we managed to get a garden bed overflowing with petunias! They say anyone can grow petunias & if we can – it must be true!

However, while the other plants thrived on the summer rain, the petunias died. Another gardening disaster!

Then recently, I noticed some green shoots in the garden bed & even tho I suspected they were weeds, I watered them just in case. When my neighbour (who has a green thumb) was here today, I asked her opinion & she says they are petunias! Apparently, leaving the plants in the ground to get dry & ugly was the right thing to do because it helps the plants to drop seeds.

How exciting! It looks like we’ll have lovely flowers again!


One comment

  1. Oh my! You sound like us here! LOL.. I spent the first 4 years here pulling out MIL garden…..then drought! So for the last 8 years – I have struggled and struggled to grow anything! Now the DH has decided he has found his green thumb and is planting madly! I have about 40 natives around the place, kangaroo paw’s, minature proteas and lord knows what else!

    Petunia’s sound so much easier! LOL……

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