cute little frog

February 6, 2008

M & B found this cute little frog. We had a quick look online to try & find his technical name & couldn’t find any like him. Perhaps its a new species?

a few people have posted Q, so i thought i’d answer them here:

Donna: do you photoshop your pics? You bet! most photos need a little tweaking.

What programme do you use? Until recently, I used PSE3 which is fabulous & very easy to use! Now I’m using CS3.

I’d also like to know what lenses are in your repertoire

Canon 50mm 1.8

Canon 28-135 IS

Sigma 50-500mm (AKA the bigma!)

Monique: (about the big sky pic) did you lie down or take it low?

Thankfully, I didn’t need to lie down for this one 😉 I used the 28mm wide angle & framed to include a good portion of that fabulous sky

Feel free to post more Q anytime. Thanks for stopping by!


One comment

  1. this is composed so nicely! That frog is so cute it looks like hes smiling at me 🙂

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