Top 10

February 8, 2008

… is the 1st blue bazaar DT theme for 2008 so i created this collection of 10 favourite Miss M photos

it’s a digi layout using gorgeous paper created by Nancy Comelab for BB

The collection was easy to put together because I’ve been going thru my many photos & re-organising them. When I went digital, I setup chronological folders, now I’ve added a photo library (loosely based on Stacey Julian’s system). It’s a work in progress, but already it’s made it SO much easier to locate photos & see connections.



  1. I still love the shot of Maddi on the hay bails in her tutu… such a beautiful picture the colour of the light… the dust in the air… such a country feel… stunning! Glad it made it into your top 10 LOL

    Now teach me o-wise Charleigh, about your photo organisation and storage… soolooking for something better than what I’m doing now which is nothing short of KAOS! Did you take Library of Memories at BPS? I looked but decided to wait for Photo Freedom… Would love to know the nitty-gritty of how you manage your beautiful photos!

  2. … and what’s with you going digi on us????

  3. love the layout! 🙂 Gorgeous photos….. I am curious too about your photo organisation… mine is date order – but after 3 or so years – you forget when things happened!!

  4. Thanks for sharing that link. I bookmarked it. 😀

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