winding road

February 13, 2008

Thanks so much to everyone who’s stopped by & taken the time to comment. Even tho i haven’t had a chance to email – your comments mean alot to me. This week has been crazy busy because we’ve had a tonne of things to do … before we head to the beach for a much needed break. Yipppeee!

I don’t expect to be able to update my blog while we’re away, but you can bet I’ll be taking lots of photos!! 😉

The temperature has hit the 40’s alot lately & that lush green grass has hayed off. So we were grateful to get another 2 inches of rain early this week & already new green shoots are bursting thru.


That’s it for now – I hope you’ll stop by on March 1st for an update.

See you then!



  1. Hope you have a great vacation! I’ll be insanely jealous! We’re still snowing here and dipping into the negative degrees. Today we had a warm streak – into the teens!

  2. gorgeous photo! And great about the 2″ !!! We had 34pts this week – which is just enough at the moment & who would have thought I’d say that after 7 years of drought!

    Oh dear what I am going to do until March 1st! hmmmm… LOL

    Have a GREAT holiday! Look forward to seeing your great photos!

  3. Have a wonderful, refreshing time away.
    Your camera must have gotten fixed. That is very good news!

  4. Oh great, I just find you, and you’re gone. I’ll be back March 1 for sure!

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