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BB project

March 28, 2008

The theme at blue bazaar this week is girls so I created something special for my girl. The base is an A3 piece of chipboard that’s been coated with gesso & torn paper & layers of paint. A maya road crown mini book was the perfect template for the crown & the paper was spritzed with glimmer mist for xtra sparkle! Then I added tiny hearts & a quote from “she” by Kobi Yamada. I’m so pleased with how this came together!


Look what’s in the bag!

March 27, 2008

One of Miss M’s top teeth has been wobbling for a few days & by this afternoon, it was hanging by a thread. It must have really bothered her, because after awhile she plucked up the courage to pull it out!

Good for you baby!


business cards

March 27, 2008

Photography has been a passionate hobby of mine for some time. This year, my goal is to take it to the next level & start photographing professionally. So, I’ve been thinking about logos, business cards & the kind of package I want to present. Yep! Obsessing about the details & being a perfectionist … & the internet is a great spot to find inspiration:

Like this fascinating post about the process of designing a logo

Like the treasure trove of business cards found here & here

Have you got a business card??

Did you DIY or have it custom made??

If you know of a great spot for getting business cards, postcards etc printed – i’d love to hear about it!



March 26, 2008

There are tonnes of geckos around our house. They’re fascinating to watch & kindof cute with their big eyes & ball shapped toes. We’d be even fonder of the little critters if they didn’t have such an expensive track record frying our electrical equipment – the oven, toaster, several printers, washing machine, computer … the list goes on!


more food + photo links

March 26, 2008

Quick post to share these food photography tips from photojojo

& a few tasty blogs to check out:

& because no post is complete without a photo – here are some double choc muffins i baked on the weekend



my girl

March 25, 2008

a delightful overcast & cool afternoon

flashing her beautiful smile as she talked about the games they’d been playing

& proudly riding her new bike (an early birthday present)


local wildlife

March 24, 2008

This is one of the goannas that wanders through our house yard each day. One of the good things about having them around is they’re territorial & tend to keep the snakes away! They’re also quite fascinating to watch!

Yes it really is a camel! Our neighbours purchased several camels about 10 years ago to try & control the prickly acacia (an invasive weed). They’re in a huge paddock & you don’t often see them so I was pleased I had my camera with me today!