the unit

March 4, 2008

Our entertainment unit arrived today! I found & won it on ebay months ago & this is the 1st time I’ve seen it IRL – I wasn’t disappointed! 

It’s lovely & solid & the wood perfectly matches our furniture. I’m SO happy its finally here! I’ve already filed our vast collection of DVD’s in the end sections. But I’m not sure what to put in the glass cupboards & that top space above the TV – any suggestions??



  1. Wow! Now that’s an entertainment center!

    Woo. I would put something colorful in the glass cabinets.

  2. mmm nice indeed. I would put nice dinner set & wine glasses in the glassed sections and perhaps vases & candles in the open section?

  3. WOW!! Nice! And from Ebay?? I agree with Donna. Something pretty. Do you have any collectibles?

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