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March 8, 2008

Sorry about the lack of posts this week – I had migraines & a nasty tummy bug & was out of action for a few days. So glad to be feeling better! If you’ve asked a Q & are waiting on an email, i’ll get to them soon!

Thanks for the suggestions of what to put behind the stained glass doors of the unit – I love the idea of putting a collection in there! Now i need to think about what kind of collection … food for thought!

This week’s blue bazaar portal saw the whole DT using fabric in their creations. Its hard to see in the scan, but I’ve attached tulle to the cardstock with modge podge, then handsewed a swirly design & cut felt flowers to match Madi’s sweet t-shirt.

Oh & I had to share this one created for valentine’s day – love this photo from our wedding day!

Today, I tried something new – usually, I detest the harsh on-camera flash preferring to use natural light wherever possible. But this am, i read an article at photojojo about how to make a flash diffuser so I gave it a try & was pleasantly surprised! I think it’s a great option for those times when you need more light.

This shot is a tad blurry cause he started giggling when the flash went off, but i was pleased to note his features haven’t been flattened & there’s no sign of nasty shadows. I also used the flash diffuser & the wide end of the standard 18-55mm ef-s lens to capture the action in the new kitchen at 6.20pm.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Wow!! What a great post.

    Thank you for the difuser idea. The pictures are all great.

    You kitchen is really wonderful.

    And you were a gorgeous and happy bride!!! Thank you for sharing that picture.

    Do you know Amy Adams from the movie Enchanted?

    You look very much like her in this picture.


  2. LOVE the layouts – especially the wedding one! and what a great photo with the difuser!

    Great to know I am not the only one that has a bush hubby that looks like that! Green must be the favourite colour of bush DH’s!! LOL

  3. Hey Charleigh,
    I read that Photojojo and have it sitting in my “to-do” pile… great results… really like the photos! Definitely no “ugly” flash in these!

    Awesome… Thanks for sharing!

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