pancake tradition

March 16, 2008

With the intention of getting back into the daily photo/blog routine, an early post today J

Even tho my DH is away, I decided to continue the pancakes for Sunday breakfast tradition. Both kids helped with preparations & the quiet familiar routine was a lovely way to start the day. It was definitely worth the effort!

My spread looks rather simple compared to the feast below!

While we were on holidays, a friend recommended we try a great little cafe where they make the best pancakes on the coast. Let’s just say, they lived up to their reputation! This dish, appropriately called “buttered nuts” consisted of a huge fluffy pancake, caramel/butterscotch sauce, macadamia nuts, cream & icecream!! Rich & delicious & so big, I could only eat about half!

Beautifully presented food is an artform don’t you think? Maybe that’s why I’m inspired by magazines like donna hay where the food is always photographed so brilliantly (I especially love her xmas & kids issues – they’re packed with great food + decorating ideas!). Maybe that’s why I’m less likely to bake something that isn’t accompanied by a great photo. Maybe that’s why I feel compelled to photograph it too.

Here are some posts/blogs you might like to visit:

Shimelle’s kitchen diary – a visual feast + eloquent writing

I love the way donna captured these dinner preparations – she’s got everything here – colour, details, motion, the whole enchilada!

Recipe journal – a variety of dishes organised into categories for easy access

Want to know How to take Mouth Watering Photos of Food?

This blog has got some great recipies too!

Sometimes I feel self-conscious lugging my camera around & photographing things like food, coffee etc. But i guess that’s something i need to get over, because without a camera, how can you capture the everyday stuff, the details & the important moments as they happen.

A few Q for you … Do you carry your camera with you all the time?? Are you comfortable taking photos anywhere anytime?? When you’re not, what do you do?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Hi! Thanks for linking me and for such a sweet compliment! I had such a fun time taking all of those pictures :o)

    I took my camera downtown Madison yesterday to scout locations…and we went into a toy store. I started taking pictures of pretty things and a woman asked if she could help me, I said, no thank you, and she asked what I was taking pictures of and I said all the pretty things. She was kind of baffled…but I just ignored her ;o)

    Sometimes I can be in a world all my own.

  2. mmm I guess i still have to get over that thing of taking photos all the time – and not having someone say something……. however, being a scrapbooker is the perfect excuse and most people will let you get away with it.

    I really should be more confident!

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