March 26, 2008

There are tonnes of geckos around our house. They’re fascinating to watch & kindof cute with their big eyes & ball shapped toes. We’d be even fonder of the little critters if they didn’t have such an expensive track record frying our electrical equipment – the oven, toaster, several printers, washing machine, computer … the list goes on!



  1. Hi – I really enjoy looking at all your lovely photos! They’re so fresh and lively. I was wondering how you get that beautiful icy blue backdrop that you sometimes have on your pics? Is that a wall – or part of your editing? Woul dlike to know how to achieve that if it is an edit! Thanks


  2. Love the photo! We used to have all sorts of creatures show up when we lived down in Texas… like the scorpion in our shower & kitchen and snake in our hallway. Always an adventure!

  3. hmmmm I remember yonks ago as a single chick in a town – I kinda used to spray them as i hated them! LOL…. but now – they eat the insects so we leave them alone! We have the really clear looking ones here! 🙂 Tho’ no electrical stuff fried yet…..

  4. Wow! What a fantastic photograph!!

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