photo jewellery

A great way to display your precious photos is to have them made into photo jewellery. These handcrafted pieces are unique and exquisite. Clients can have their favourite images made into bookmarks, charms, bracelets, pendants or necklaces – like this gorgeous couture necklace.

And of course, all jewellery is beautifully packaged, making it a lovely gift.


I just love these photos of the twins

NB. The pink thing is a ballet slipper not a hot dog! 😉

So I was thrilled when my client decided to make acrylic ice collages with them. Acrylic ice is one of the premium products in my range – the images are printed onto canvas and sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic. It’s a gorgeous modern look! (NB. They come shrink wrapped in plastic so they were difficult to photograph & these images don’t do them justice)

one for D

One of the reasons I started to blog was to improve my writing skills, so when it took almost an hour to compose that last post, its clear that I need the practice! Is it this hard for everyone? Some of my favourite blogs are such interesting reads – I really envy/admire people who have a gift with the written word. It’s something I’d love to develop – any ideas how?

Today’s photo share was captured a few months ago … its E & his favourite toy – this one is for you D