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January 31, 2008

The kids rescued this little hopper from the pool this afternoon. A tonne of these critters have bred up since the rain & locust plagues can totally devastate the feed. So, we’re hoping their cycle is almost finished & that the damage will be minimal this time.


MAB tower

January 30, 2008

building with MAB proved to be popular with both kids today


my boy = my baby

January 29, 2008


narni noo

January 28, 2008

 miss m finished her butterfly – it looks pretty cute don’t you think?!


todays exciting news is about narni (aka narni noo)

I’ve known narni since she was this big

She was born & bred on a sheep station & has always loved the bush

Well … she’s back! J

she’s here for a couple of weeks to help with stockwork (& painting if it rains again!) the kids are rapt & so are the puppies! thanks narni – its so great to have you here!



January 27, 2008

Another family favourite!



January 26, 2008

while they were mustering this afternoon, miss m collected some wildflowers & made me this sweet bouquet 


town day

January 25, 2008

Today, the whole family made the 300km round trip to town – its lovely to see the countryside still looking so lush & green.

bush harvest is a local arts & crafts co-operative that i joined when i moved to the area. Their shop stocks all sorts of interesting handmade items – but these recycled corrugated iron & timber dogs are my favourite

i swear each dog has a unique personality. You can read more about them here.